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V For Vienetta (Recycled Plastics 2017)

Loving her cats and keep on showing more love to her endless interests over cats; Hannah Davidson can easily turning her identity for sociable staging purposes on musical arts and craft of Manchester and disguises as Mrs Jynx and just like that – for her newer presentations here as a pinky cat who looks like Pink Panther’s siblings playing her keyboards and synthesizers by making Electro-music beats miraculously not too mainstream but more experimental with IDM and Ambient and Jungle all the way to Drum N’ Bass atmosphere talents to re-joined, spreading and thus bursting colors of Psychedelic candy and melodic compositional via Jynx’s Garden as thus bouncing rhythms and drum machines individuals by formidable Brain-dance/Techno Acid to intelligent Down-Tempo bedroom’s smells for these two cd’s and twenty-five tracks including Tidyup, Rambling Fool, Preston Pink Drinks, Icecreamvanman, Freak, Monkey Off Out and Sharky and Forever Today, Fade27 to Short Walk (Off A Long Pier) and more Theroeis about Zombie Sweep to Sunnyhill View Springer; available there for the audience of modern low density consciousness.

Jynx's Garden: