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Usher Stone Turn (Svart Records 2017)

   Try to pleasing the undergone tunneling channels over two electric guitar players and mystic themes beliefs system that closely can camouflage into Jazz-Bluesy of Indie Rock formats from names like Gary and Donna Brown dueling their influential of early 70’s era of Psychedelic Rock meets Heavy Rock and in between there are some other members also important to completed the formation here like vocalist Randy Bobzien whom also playing rhythm and lead guitars, Phoenix Johnson on bass guitar and Dean McCall behind the set of drums transforming themselves to the straight and ready rocking crew playing a little bit of Proto-Metal here, Psychedelic Indie there and Alternative Folkish blues in between them. Rising From The Ashes is a statement from these rockers to start their journey on polluting your stereo system with a good not too gently and melodious sounds combinations. Psychedelic covers with the choices of tracks as like Rage On, Heddin’ For Armageddon onto 9 Circles of Hell and Into The Night proving that you’re not wrong for picking Medusa1975 for the newer collection of occultism music advancing level.

Raaaawkin’ !

Rising From The Ashes: