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Until We Meet (Independent 2015)

A king or an emperor steps in to lay down his weary head on the large pillow inside the tent on the imperial ground but still as the night changes to deeper dark times; he just realized that there’s nothing personal that could making his problems of the daily gone away in sudden – The Masters Are Thieves really can teaching them up about the almost same meaning in life isn’t just conquering and destroys but make peace with yourself when the time is correct and thanks to Mads (Jacobsen) understanding the needs of many and wrote these calm tracks of being free which never sounded too Seattle with the performance on Simple Song, The Ballad of Billy Dan or I Shall Never Love Again on the behalf of this soft-tinted basic guy and his semi-acoustic guitar giving courage and knowledge as exchanging wisdom thoughts to others via musical mini album.

Such a great concern in concentrations …

The Masters Are Thieves: