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Unborn’s Symphony (Bandcamp 2015)

   Creepy soundtrack as emotionless unpredicted slower but keeping your awareness grow as the volatile séance of haunting musical project creates by the genius simple performer named Myuu or Myuuji as the paradox of reflections from the dark liquid spreading the mystic melodies in orchestral productions not just spooky pronouncing Gothic's epic of Horror Soundtracks in a Classical-Goth sounds really fits for distracting even the calmest person on the corner to feels that this is Halloween stock pile on instrumental music that you might heard through the session of annoying scares inside the haunted house served as the music provides by Nicolas Gasperini and artwork by Paradox; the ultimate mask of doctor death, black death, the book of terrifying sounds through Bittersweet, The End is Always Near, Look Out, It’s Not Over Yet and Look Out as those twenty tracks cannot be forgotten easily even after you surviving the most horrendous nights – running faster or tip-toeing over Tortured Soul because behind the last chapter harmonic reveals that always Evil Returns …

Wipe that smile from your lips cause you won't be experienced something funny for this one !

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