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Trollstigen (Relapse Records 2013)

   Absolute perfection simplicity contender for your Shoegaze album as well as anticipated off True Widow semi-Goth Rock/occult-tinged Psychedelic Rock and pessimistic deep end contagious feelings in dreary darkest haze made together by the trio from Dallas – TX as True Widow consisting of DH Phillips (guitars/vocals), Nicole Estil (bass/vocals) and Slim TX (drums) composing their infectious female/male non-happiness themes to share just like Siousxie’s summer-eve dreams while playing her Post-Rock mixed with Slowcore or Stoner Rock dearly fallen to Goth/Doomy world below sounds alike. Standard as it is heavy and harmonious glooms as well; Circumambulation would be a haunting sadder record to collect and spend quietly suicidal as one living his pathetic life for being sticky bathing with sorrow, bad stories, misfortunes and whatever wickedly decided by fate to their every minutes and this time if this isn’t working to help; prayers might not be needed to chants by next morning.
Simultaneously, the late night capturing within S:H:S, Creeper, Four Teeth, Numb Hand to Lungr sounded dreary collapsing …