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Trip On Life (Metal Blade 1997)

The quartet members  remains of Ben Huggins (vocals, acoustic guitar), Dane Sonnier (guitars, vocals), Monty Colvin (vocals, bass) and Alan Doss (drums, vocals, keyboards) founded in Houston, Texas as the one of promising American Heavy Metal baptizing themselves as Galactic Cowboys that releasing some of good early albums in their rocking career and so – this blending of Hard Rock and Alternative Rock from the ninety-seven era that pops their electrifying their audience with The Horse That Bud Bought as the fourth album easily won’t be too easy to forget once it always works to make the way to most of rock-heads’ stereo system with Tomorrow, Oregon, Evil Twin up to Tilt-A-Whirl, Ribbon, Media Slant and Mona Lisa may remains thus high capacity for making great curfew techniques worth a freaking listening as one of the Art Rock branch masterpiece off the nineties as the blowing stated bass-line, riffs that sounded like a psychedelic typhoon or thus harmony vocals burnt-out the midnight lamps filled with brand new sounds and innovation Breakthrough …

The Horse That Bud Bought: