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Trash Can Murders (Main Man Records 2011)

   What is Lita Ford, Joan Jett, Cherie Currie, Sandy West and Jackie Fox had things in common ? Yep, they’re the original line-up for The Runaways – one of those American early Rock N’ Roll with glamour metal-tinged that lasted shorter in career but amazingly would leaving plenty memorabilia and great songs written as they’re being produced by Kim Fowley whom also saw how the trio develops with Micki Steele on bassist/singer circuiting the round-up clubs in Los Angeles before finally decided to completing their members by recruits Cherie Currie who loves David Bowie so much or Peggy Foster whose then being replaced quickly and today; is your lucky day for having this record being released to honoring the girls for rocking out since they’ve formed decades ago. Blending their likes on Punk-Rock, Hard Rock and Glam-Rock Pop suture meanings on being rebellious messengers within lyrics and attitudes on stages; meet your infamous double discs album V.A Take It Or Leave it – A Tribute To The Queen Of Noise: The Runaways that co-produced by Jeff Raspe and Marc Regan as mastered by Clint Gascoyne with tons of almost forty tracks begun with Rodney Bingheimer Introduction and ripped off completely awesome and rocking covers tribute in loud sounds by the spontaneous rock-heads whom definitely a big fans or being deeply influenced by the queenie girls of The Runaways either it’s The Donnas to Bebe Buell Band, The Binges or Shonen Knife as some others lesser known groups such as Deena & The Laughing Boys with lovers, Delirium Tremens over Wasted, Frankenstein 3000 did California Paradise, Richie Scarlet rocking in via Wild Thing, Blue Fox comes around through their picked on Neon Angels on The Road to Ruin, Lauria Warshauer singing Little Lost Girl as Adolescents furiously commencing via School Day; the rest of the consisting members alive today from the legendary all-female group like Lita Ford (now the goddess of shredding Heavy Metal lioness) or Sandy West and Joan “fucking” Jett respectively make themselves available to bringing back the memories over their own good songs not to performs but let themselves talks in the interviews about the story goes on and the past that rocking hard not jazz. Fabulous recording with good emerging new artists trying to give their payment due to the influential five-piece of The Runaways grows hotter as you might get while listening or having this as collections !