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Transient Endlessly (Monstercat 2016)

Whether you love the Dance sounds tagging within thus Drum & Bass, the Dubstep to Electronic Techno undermined latest mixture and which also concluded to thus semi-rocking of Pop tunes and lead solo from the keyboards or six-strings making up the level for not disappointing to the greatest album off this style or genre of sounds.
Haywyre’s Two Fold Pt. 2 as exposed as the productions interest of various musical and piano instrumentals onto the growing Jazz and Hip-Hop likes in short timing from Austrian talent named Martin Vogt – creating Haywyre himself. 
Whether it’s echoing overthrown onto the next steps of surrounded beats that fits to do modern solo House-dance or in group together as the approval mixing of sounds could making you shaking heads for its precise over Moment, Restraint, I Am Me or I Am You and Do You Don’t You that comprising confusions blending to the party-goers ideas for not self-pitying yours again and replied to yourself,” Welcome to the future” !

Two Fold Pt. 2: