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Tormentor Fight (Metal Blade 1983)

Formed in the eighty-one era where the devil just about to awakening again from his sleep for the rebirth of extreme Thrash Metal and Black Metal fusion  as Dave Lombardo on the brutal at the most level of his double deathly brutal drumming ability or the abolishing high tension of speeding riffs and slaicing demonic solos from the double duet of satanic-dealers of Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman to the lead singer/bassist metallic-head senor – Tom Araya blasting their most original and anti-mainstream on Extreme Heavy Metal through the debut album of Thrash/Black Metal/Crust-Core via Satanic bible’s rituals on Show No Mercy. Yes, everything written and composed here is totally extreme and full of occult worshiping on the devil reign and terrorizing horror themes only – better or worser than Black Sabbath did before them.
This is the most intense points for any satanic metal-heads shall remember for the rest of their lives; Doe By The Sword, Black Magic, The Final Command, Crionics, Metalstorm/Face The Slayer or The Antichrist is your ultimate tracks to learn for the real Heavy Metal that dangerously kills !

Show No Mercy: