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Timeweb Springrise (Regain Records 2005)

   Playable in extremity onto Black Metal but not completely an old-school fanatics that with themselves came an inner reflection towards other influences from Symphonic Heavy Metal and Classic Rock intermediate standardized levels that making these Boden – Sweden metallic heads putting their career and path across the Melodic Death Metal force sounds and being known since as Satariel – their name as a band which divided into several individualities such as Magnus Alakangas, Mikael Granbacke, Par Johansson, Robert Sundelin or Mikael Granqvist shortly stepping back to earth while releasing the record of their latest catalogs – Hydra.
   This Death Metal melodious destroyer musical project must be your ultimate escaping from the uncertainty and godly lies common people’s beliefs over a book of violent and obliterates among women and children by men. 
   As the demonic kingdom arrives to fulfill its reigning rights over the planet; the monstrous beings and creatures shall torturing mankind as they got their mission clearly objective to obey and soon the degradation of human existence begins with the background metallic soundtrack served by Claw of Clouds, Be Your Angel Be Your Beast, For Galaxies to Clash, Nihil Jaggernaut and No God Loves – seemingly, showing the band frightening themes sending to your faces nude as you yourself will getting captured and tortures until you wish you’ve never been born as the hellish place going wider and stays there on our destroyed planet for 300 Years Old.