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Throwing Sin Straw (Agonia Records 2016)

   Hanged the skeletons of the dead victim up-high on the darkane ritual eerie tree is the unholy sins to cleansed by the founding members of this Uppsala – Sweden Death Metal troops consisting of Steffe Pettersson (vocals), Pahl Sundstrom (guitar), Calle Andersson (drums) or Daniel Ekeroth to Matte Modin for combining thus bestialy hatred with the Death Metal to Hardcore/Punk but in at most of their high techniques and love for making good Progressive Metal music sounds as well. Usurpress has built their unusual aggressive of weird formation dissonant in riffs and raw primitive devastated drumming go works the true brutality metallic blasts ahead in The Regal Tribe – bringing the essential smashing crushed looks for the future uncertainty and destruction when barbaric force raiding your village and burning it to the ground, taken all the women and child and slaying all men and the old ones like the themes for vengeance, hunting party, clashes of the civilizations or conquered continent by a striking blood-thirsty troops from the distance far land in terror, supernatural and un-explainable reasons on treason and beheaded or torturing over beneath The Starless Skies, Across The Dying Plains, The Halls of Extinction or Behold The Forsaken.

A Doomy/Crust/Death Metal infused to kill you !

The Regal Tribe: