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The Worm Army (Bandcamp 2013)

Honky –Tonky Jazzy fully Folk or Blues or Ska-Funk or just a 60’s experiments of saxophone tortures via the short-messaging lyrics over these extended play sounds or bunch of a parted ways of a tale which showing why you needed to close your window at night for a reason of creepy crawlers coming inside uninvited just before Halloween eve.

Navigated their rootsy for these Pittsburg, PA’s group – Grand Piano as consisting of Zak Kane (vocals, guitars), Thomas Cipollone (guitars, vocals), Nick DeAngelo (percussions), Wesley Conroy (bass) and Ryan Booth (saxophone) as transparent, collaborative and sounded stronger as a quick reminder here faster within a Bug EP which converted through Daddy Long Legs, Lady Bug, Lighting Bug, Potato Bug like many more kindsa bugs as being entitled for the main one for the album. 

Sleep well tonight but don’t ever forgetting to close your windows right before you logging out and losing those eyes …

Bug EP: