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The Watching Cardiac (Iron Works 1984)

   Get yourself wrong for thinking that Jag Panzer is actually a German band playing their but instead of pronouncing the band’s name Jag Panzer as Jagdpanzer the tank; changing from Tyrant to that really makes these Colorado Thrashy group consisting of thus metallic members: Harry Conklin, Mark Briody, John Tetley and Rick Hilyard comes with their blistering blitz-riffs and high-pitched moaning scream and Ample Destruction could be the first effort showing the realizations of how extreme Heavy Metal turning from just a satanic music to the most hateful sounds – your parents potentially making enemy since as that was only eighty-four. The fling horsemen with arrows preying on the living or guarding the battle-field from thus evil dwelling spirits in the sky; as the shouts was solid and the louder slashing guitars to the wicked vocals singing dangerous themes over the tracks like Symphony of Terror, Licensed To Kill, Warfare or Reign of The Tyrants to The Crucifix already tells you where Heavy Metal will definitely stands without the global society lame-ass values – of course !

Ample Destruction: