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The Truth (Not On Label 2014)

Oi Punk band from Minneapolis – home of Prince, Soul Asylum and The Replacements that you can easily figured out what’s happening to their music – fast and as good as it gets while skating or do something extreme like working daily, so it is said. Degeneration group released – Standing Tall as consisting of vocalist Chris, Phil The Ox on bass, Greg the skin-man basher and Ryan the ax-man player; releasing this second shouting and sing-along rockster rooster bangs in an actual standard mode but for your sick grandparents this would be so annoying though.

Listen to the picked up songs like Keen Fists, 2-Stroke Buzz, The Face of Oi!, War on The Streets or Skinhead Problems and don’t complaining much. 

Sit, roll over and be happy or leave !

Standing Tall: