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The Rose Bed (Independent 2017)

   Not a miracle for being a Montreal raised but a New Yorker born singer, musician and lyricist known as the Common Holly is actually, as Brigitte Naggar putting her framework onto thus Folk-Pop and mystique project in acoustic guitar templates as eclectic as contemplating themes vulnerably but wiser by the listening sense to us to bare over the Autumn atmosphere and broken-feelings still the enthusiasm peeling the layers on emotions one by one via the performance between Brigitte Naggar and Devon Bate; with additional piano by Jean-Michel Blais to Kyle Hutchins on drums as well as Amelia Castillo did the violins and Laurence Gaudreau for cello – serving the harmony intentions as the winds breezing below the thin clouds and the dry leaves swirling in brownish/oranges colors for making the themes enact on In my Heart, Devil’s Doubt or Nothing and If After All releasing through the album Playing House making sense a lot for thus twin siblings relationships to kept attaching many years from now.

Playing House: