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The Nevsky Prospect (dualpLover 2006)

   As Garry Bradbury turns his back over time limits and scarily made his own trademark musical experiments via aliases like Chlamydia or ZGlutz or Hiroshima or Sanity but for this moment – take yourself pulling to the project of this Severed Heads’ member solo under Instant Oblivion or Beat me in St. Louis the album being released by Bradbury (of Sydney, Australia). Ugly faced smoking dancer and tons of strange or outrageous oddly noises comes and go within the experimental Electro music and dark-tinged hallucinations themes reaction for horror pulses, scary images or abnormality cases among thus tracks release over Cheap Wagnerian Dynamics, Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific, Nymphs And Shephards, Mary Businesscard-Foot is Back through Petty Bourgeois Reverie might revealing the truth about Hot Dog on a Dog is real not fake but whether you might believe them  some or not – the creepy sounds tracking is about to continues by the hard knocks on your broken door as someone screaming in medium tempo about his name as Garry.

Instant Oblivion, or Beat Me in St. Louis: