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The Hydra (Bandcamp 2013)

   Humanity talks the story about the remarkable advancing primitive cells grown from one amoeba to be developed and evolving the small creature onto a better incomplete and then, keeps on going to evolving more to then one time the creature and the growth came into one pointy fate intersection giving birth to the first mankind fully pops into the planet. Deep Ice Tomb telling us another story of how the climate changes from molten lava environment but with the helping hands of god touches the giant stone off the sky to struck down and begins the next steps of evolutions for the planet terra-forming to long torturing frozen era.
The UK’s Heavy Metal Extreme or Nu-Metal group – Chaos Trigger really taking their time to wrote some of those themes with carefully study over the facts and the folklore tales to the re-searching by technology as well and Bound In Skin or Kill The Dog comes with the growler vocals like babies eater monster and that’s how Outpost 31 is born to be recorded and use as a weapon in case the apocalypse really comes shortly tomorrow while chaos really spreading via this album too extreme to develops as an attraction for the hopeless and the electrifying left behind victims. 
Double pedals and slamming riffs and nothing nice at all may following the worst songs like Invader, The Pyre Song, The Automaton and Into The Boiling. Say goodbye to our home planet as the next asteroid comes crossing to hit this pathetic third stone form the sun. 

Outpost 31: