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The Glitter Prize (Rykodisc 2010)

Used to be a delayed empowering by the solid formation with Jon Auer with Ken Stringfellow to Brian Young or Matt Harris or Mike Musburger but mostly, things might easily changed but not for this Pop-Rock Power band from Bellingham – Washington where Alternative and Indie sounds flourishing fast and healthy for several years and The Posies would be one of thus seminal legendary groups from the second wave of Indie Rock alternative of America rising to surface and the catchy musical or the interesting titles must be the selling points for this band as well as their harmony vocals that taken from The Beach Boys biggest fans and self-esteem fascinating over simple and fully artistic lyrics written and arranged to releasing Blood/Candy and the rest of the songs company for Cleopatra Street, Take Care of Yourself, Accidental Architecture, She’s Coming Down Again ! or Plastic Paperbacks (Hugh Cornwell on vocals) as those uneasy but cool protesting and romance mixed onto one sounds …