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The Flight A Debt (Metal Blade Records 2016)

   Italian Metal-Core troops currently new but didn’t quite professionally jumps onto the total depth on the subjective genre like that but keep on bringing their renaissance-roots sounds and artistic templates which making Paolo Colavolpe (screaming vocals), Matteo Di Gioia and Ralph Salati on guitars, Gabriel Pignata (bass) and Federico Paulovich the drummer ready to overcome their fears but excellently adding yours when the music of this band started after the opening semi-acoustic and neo-romantic tones below the entitled A Means To No End as Don’t Stare at The Edge as well as Symphony of The Ego by Destrage really attacking us like an invisible tidal storm after the calm conditions of Silent Consent. Within these thirteen songs of blast-brutality via thus Progressive Metal attitudes and Thrash-Core bashing chords and intersections structure in mighty grooves; perhaps – peace can go offers or disguises as butterflies closing your eyes forever – never to see any wars again.

Sounded too damn na├»ve To Be Tolerated as things usually Abandon to Random …

A Means to No End: