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The Familiar Dust (Independent 2016)

   Grand Rapids – Michigan closer to Autumn’s tragic ends swirling within this Acoustic Folkish Rockabilly Punk-Rock independent by Midhat Begovic on drums, Derek Blossom on electric guitars, Don Carlisle (electric/upright bass/cello/drums) and Dan Smith for acoustic guitars and vocals as themselves a band called Bet On Rats in this Braille album which showing the lost prostitute in the middle of the snowy mountains begging for – either forgiveness or quick death but ironically, that would have to be done perhaps, after one finishing the entire recording performance of the group via the interesting mid-tempo pit-stop harmonies and Americana-touches on Attraction to Reaction, Burn The Pages, Norma’s Home Invasion, Salt and Vinegar to Gravestone on The Hill may becoming the last entertaining for those whom wanted to commit something worse than just playing with drugs or cheating addiction.