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The Eerie (Sound Age Productions 2015)

   Symphonic Rock and Harmonic Metal of the heavy rock subcultured parts of Mabezerhnye Chelny – Russia exporting their one of the best new groups from this area onto the western world as the wild themes also concluded to the band’s front cover album where a girl heroine riding her white horse just like a leader comes to confrontation line leading her troops or classic en-vision of biblical horse rider of the apocalypse is the themes that might chosen by Alkonost calling themselves a Folk Pagan Doomy Metal group blasting the raw growling male vocals to the infamous sensual female voices and good accompanying music composing via Andrey Losev (guitars), Rustem Shagitov (bass), Ksenia Pobuzhankaya (vocals) and Pavel Kosolapov (guitars, vocals) within this Tales Of Wanderings from Tatarstan's Epic Melodic Metal-based on the likes for Medieval works era and Russian Folklore sounds onto the fictional fantasy of gods towers and readings on fate within the unique sounds to approved by you and the rest of Symphonic Folk Epic Metal pagans audiences.

Listen to all – especially, Behind The Horizon, Night Time, Wonderland, Winds & Storms and The Sword of Fate …

Tales Of Wanderings: