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The Decunted (Bandcamp 2015)


   Five-piece gathering to Disgastan or Sussex  for destroying and destruction acts – bringing their ferocious super fast Horror Shock-Punk or Demonic Murder Metal to your ears as migrates lately not far from their own hometown such as London, Brighton, Chicester and of course, Hell as well; as being influenced by Pantera to White Zombie, Guns N' Roses, The Sex Pistols and Slayer let’s meet the meat-eater crew of Hell Puppets: Evil-P, Jinx Jester, Belial, Graves, Beelzeben and Saturnist.
   Mixing their expanding extremity on Metal-Core to Death Metal and writing their own materials to haunts your already scary October nights via this Theatre Of Sin – purging the insanity hotter than you think as fear gains higher and the levels of jump-scared would be so dangerous not only the dolls from hell are all alive but the figures dressing in ghoulish outfit will re-appearing when the evening starts on the corner of your scared eyes. 
   Choose your private themes for celebrating Halloween this year and die smiling in total frights as Hung Drawn and Slaughtered, Bow Bells, Project Mayhem, Political Diarrhoea, Drugged Up Shark to Morbid Mirror and We Are The Enemy plunge the sharpest fangs onto your back, stupid fellow …

Theatre Of Sin: