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The Chase Secular (Graveface Records 2014)


Haunted Country experimenting Indie and Post-Rock but mostly your perhaps – favorable female harmony voice of an eerie exposing Shoegaze from chaotic fusion and most ambitious Noise ordinance but slower tunes may calming your feelings down and reflected lyrics and themes might also reaching far onto the deepest inner hidden room of hearts inside everyone.
The Casket Girls that deliberating themselves by being a Pop-creepy trio from Savannah, Georgia with blonde babes - Phaedra and Elsa Greene, Ryan Graveface and Tim Walsh leving their safety pins a little bit to entering the outside world of the apocalypse and essential story about humanity and dreamers questioning prophets and vampires or singularity concepts which came bright lights in color via True Love Kills The Fairy Tale which certainly, given you the new perspective for the reality over the silly day-dreaming images but infections and wounds may be cured and mending by time exactly like the moment one got a time and listening to this album where melodies and the beat seems to be searching for hope but the facts are those tracks like Ashes and Embers, Chemical Dizzy, Day To Day and Same Side must be the antidote cures you’ve been looking for in needs; beautiful but dangerous – looking too far but up-close and personal. 

A hand-samble focused by timing for curiosities. 

True Love Kills The Fairy Tale: