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The Benediction (Murgenstrumm 1968)

   Irreligious thoughts concerning to become a perfect liability new choices once you familiar to it or not and stays a non-believer as one thinks that they’re the chosen few by seeing others as an imposter, heathen and from that points of view; came Anton LaVey or Szandor Anton born as Howard Stanton Levey by the thirties and then, closely – slower after founding his first Church of Satan and became the high-priest of it collecting militants of followers locally to the international branches as Satan would be pleased and Heavy Metal music rage to reign over thousand years again since the early sixties topping the peak enlightenment on sixty-six and beyond as he himself a musician with pride and talents obeying and offering all to his almighty master of this world with many public figures, actors and actress as well as his own flesh and blood family tree already being sacrificing themselves to the ultimate evil of goodness for mankind and for that the album tracks also recorded, arranged and released just like this infamous first debut and the basic principle ritual music they’ve spreading to re-interprets by others on The Satanic Mass. 
   Sermons, messages, laws and rules of order beneath heaven and above hell or the in-between them must be chosen to be formed as Modern Classic and religious theme of methods as shown here track per tracks via Anton LaVey performance as well as the plenty much followers and satanic choirs enacting The Invocation To Satan, Drinking from The Chalice and Benediction of The House, The Seventh Enochian Key, Invocation Applied Towards The Conjuration of Destruction and The Hymn To Satan available here to listen … No trusted Heavy Metal music recorded here actually, only those boring rituals routines for the selected members and secret society charms on guidance onto him that has many names.

The Satanic Mass: