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The Arena Apeture (Bandcamp 2016)

A meticulously discover for those whom got a time to meet the Pretoria, South Africa band Raptorbaby – with their blod temperament and Progressive Metal rhetoric advancing techniques available on the Math-Core/Djent/Heavy Metal extremities offer on the compositions format which consisting on Lolke-Louise Claassen (drums), Paul Du Plessis (bass), Craig Borrill (guitars), Doug Jenkinson (guitars/bass) and Vincent Van Niekerk (vocals) bursting themselves like a flaming phoenix flying and then bursts into the wall of concrete and crossing dimensions as the behind got burn by its tail of fire and the double pedals clashing like barbarian troops came in and destroying a great country of Europe to the ground.
As Death Metal and thrashy Electronic met on the record of Citadel (describing the modern day tower of babel) – this debutant eleven tracks progression onto The Group, Resonance Cascade, Soul matrix and The Dancer (feat. Vici Maud Fourie) or The Plague could culminate the works to be successfully brilliance as you might reconsidered as well. 
The screaming vocals, the hard/slower rocking beats which blaring the power images or exploding angst can be sensed via the immaculate lights that blinding the planet made by the ruling class aiming to ruin.