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Thanks For Pass (Independent 2017)

Mixed and produced by Steven Padilla for the anthem living pleasure towards getting yourself in an experience for Roller Coaster riding with Brain Rapp – the buttered whiter lyricist and activist and Rap-musician who loves his own heritage under the reign of blackest dickies influence that can be heard easily via thus Gangsta-Rap formatted sounds on the album. Going as like white people used to do for the fun-fair exhibitions on the weekend or holiday but this time a different collective activity on through the black music/Latino Rap degree available but still fun to listen and also smarter for your re-considerations over daily projects or non-demanding issues or topics surrounded your hood today.
No killing a cop or punching the window glass of an arab store over this hit – only enjoyable and awareness about how to developing yourself and let go the stupidity; encouraging your friends and love your family and yourself by being responsible. 
Protect Your Neck, Special, Coffee Break and Her Favorite Ride did opening some of those good calls for black/white collaborating shake-hands. 

Roller Coaster: