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Swimming (Bandcamp 2013)

   Problems with experimental Indie Rock today ? 
Namaste not – just bring your new conceptions and interpret of nu-ideas and try to find a brand new hope over some lesser-known records like this Uber-Ich EP called Come and Fetch Me which truly will shown us the reality music sounds products made by these Experimental Indie-Pop from Amsterdam, The Netherlands with Donata Kramarz (vocals), Marnix Dorrestein (guitars, percussion, vocals) and Chris Kok (keys, drum/synth, programming, vocals) as being themselves a group with the most helpful talents from Jelle Huiberts (drums & percussion), Joep Bollinger (bass & vocals), Daniel Van Loenen (trombone) to Conni Niklaus (saxophone) and Pim van der Meer (trumpet) and the rest of strings arrangements came with When And Where to Six Hours (of flight tours, maybe) to the opener track – Burkina Francisco brought a relaxing melodies offers by Uber-Ich. 

Still having problems on seeing the display of nude Egyptian-kinds of mermaid or already liking their music ? 
Thanks to Darius and Bo – then …

Come And Fetch Me EP: