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Sur Le Fil (Savage Prod 2008)

   Lyon, France similar subjects figure as an answer to Tarja and Nightwish’s fame over the couple years in a Symphonic Nu-Metal products and generated followers and lovers and who knows what the likes for Epica, Leaves’ Eyes to Eths and Ms Tarja Turunen really can make a bigger community as they’re totally wrong because the scene really keeps getting bigger but even the beautiful performance with melodic and powerful Folk-lore and other tales and great composing harmony over the group’s musical calling themselves as Kells comprising of Virginie Goncalves on vocals, Patrick Garcia (guitars) with keyboardist Fabrice Desire; as recruits as well drummer Kevin Plutta to bass player Laurent Lesina as being influenced by many Nu-Metal warriors like Limp Bizkit or Korn or Deftones blending them with the Symphonic Metal/Rock that being used on displaying the music via Within Temptation, Evanescence or Sarah Jezebel Diva.
Both French and some small English lyrics off this album - Lueurs did painting their musical purposes as the growler and the soften female vocals correctly makes everything sounded alright to most of the metal-heads.
Go for the aiming head-bang and kicks of the simultaneous beats and harmony-tinged to drop the defensive ego of mankind; as the lotus spreading its beauty and wisdom; Avant Que Tu …, La Sphere (vocals by Candice of Eths), In Utero, Mes Reves as well as Ailleurs to Le Dictat Du Silence. 

So perfectly, powerful and keeping you jumps and scream for their amazing performance but unfortunately, didn't lasted long.