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Stigma Autopsy (Alternative Tentacles 1994)

   Noise-Rock out of Japan in Tokyo forming by the incorporated Prog-Rock to Hardcore to Extreme Metal and Noise-experiments elements by KK Null on vocals and guitars with Tatsuya Yoshida on drums/vocals; includes some other expelled and recruits whose came and go since the beginning of the first record to the newest one passing through the first decade to the millennium neo in the early ninety-three era which develops the band’s efforts and ability to extracting more extreme and Progressive metallic and mixture mortal elements to blend onto their hardest strange music. By the mighty mixing for Thrash and Electronic and Industrial; Desire For Agony recorded by Zeni Geva means alternative on its massive forms, sending thus Nu Modern Metal sounds to the entire whole new audiences with the old ones entering the entirely different surroundings on an album like this example. Dead Sun Rising, Heathen Blood, Disgraceland, Whiteout or Love Bite comes in a groovy metallic machinery sounds developed and tortures within the dark times of advance technology and the dawn of the fall of men …

Desire For Agony: