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Stick N Relax (Kitty On Fire Records 2015)

   Disgusting scenes and realm of horrific world fell down into chaos may possibly drawn as reality with the cybernetic blending over Electro-Gore, Breakcore, Nintendo-Core to (Post) Anime Glitch or IDM things or some media smart-ass would calling this either Synth-Core or Chiptune Neo-Noise or even Djent-Cybercore and other cool or incorrect or miserable names about but truly – this recording rocks and pops on the almost same time you blasting them on your stereo. Creative cartoonish animated artworks for Kawaii!! as the album release for Heptaedium over the death of mutilated Mario head or barbie’s decapitated and the ruling clan of a plant-eating mutation creature following the bashing French Djent-Core via Artificial Entity, I Am The Nintendocore, Hi ! or Dead Sprites Everywhere and Fuck Fuck Fuck means something horrible or exciting as smudge has happening on the invisible border between Disco-Techno and Metal-Core lines.