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State Are Forgetting (Independent 2017)

Melbourne, Aussie’s format to an empty beach or crowded waterfront life daily with its inevitable or extra-ordinary or even a plain stories to tell by the different point of views by the youngster musicians topping themselves a group of Crunchy Garage Pop with thus Jangly Lo-Fi reverb off a January message posts via their imaginations and ideas to be written for songs and lyrics there, there … Meet T.J Day, Krystal Maynard, Esther Sandler and Sammy Wass of Swim Team recording their mini album of Holiday EP by Tom Hardisty  and mastered by Mikey Young.

Six tunes designed to accompanying your late weekend by the sea or land with the re-freshners or sour candy and don’t forget to grab your sun glasses or lip-gloss and jumps fast to your friend’s car – don’t waste the time. Rocking the oldies Pop like it was the last of the sixties era and let Meek, You’ve Become a Bore or Should’ve Just Said So and Blinkers be the guide before you drinking too much.

Holiday EP: