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Stalk And Devour (Bandcamp 2016)

An Idaho’s semi-underground acts of Electronic and Dark-Wave metallic or horrific terror music maker from the non-commercial claws of death by scratching from a very own Chris Cavoretto as a one-man show on Synths-Horror ensemble for the scary name of Werewolves In Siberia through the likes for Sci-Fi, rarities Electro-Horror fest, slow tempo and thud movements that leads one closer onto the scare-mode or jump-scaring by nobody can really guess happens to them while listening for this latest recording release from him as Werewolves In Siberia through the monstrosity bags of tricks and sequels in damnation on The Dregs of Abomination; mad scientist turning his forbidden area of laboratory into a wider spaced demonic spawning for many kinds of unspeakable disgusting creatures that even the book of knowledge and technology not dare to speak or discuss about them. The story goes and the explosions of a chemical formula changed the volunteers DNA and transforming them into a flesh-eater and man-killer beasts as the music took its leading role for a soundtrack accompanying you for escaping the nightmarish events if you can. From The House of Nosferatu, Ghosts (from Post-Human), Deadly beginnings, Lurking in The Unknown to Experiments in Torture really aren’t telling the audiences about how good the endings would be to them. Run faster or hide quietly, pray to god that you still can see the day of tomorrow after surviving the freight nights ! 

The Dregs of Abomination: