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Squidware V10.0 (Bandcamp 2017)

It’s like a machine finally make their own music to pursue the fulfilling bowl of human’s satisfaction over curiosity hard noises on Avant-Garde booms and stuff within the error on esoteric over You Have Reached The End (Intro) for intoxicating any genre of beat-brak beats of sound that human can creates but this time it fells so smart combining thus Cyber-Punk, Glitch-Pop, Hybrid Trap to Dark-Synth or Electro Vapor and Neo 80’s-based autonomously by Enders via VR Killer – sending his hidden absolute of invisible data onto music that controls the listener heads just like emails sent to nowhere and unanswered but nobody really being blamed for thatwhen the world’s already a turning point for an ultra immerse on reality virtual through death and music noise reacts to be the pulse of your daily life basic and activities even your own heartbeats for without it – everyone dies. Pause/Play, /KillAll, Substr8 Red and Escape From 2077 may becoming the new prophecy for your grandchildren and their grand children as well.

As the decades changes and the global calls unites as one rejected. 

VR Killer: