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Squid Teddy (Independent 2017)

   Bonjour to these Montreal, Quebec teams of Post-Rock and Indie-Pop slingers and the funky-filled goers onto beats oddly cool and non-exhausted to meet: Alexandre Larin (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Etienne Broue (guitars), David Bastien (bass), Benoit Parent (keyboards) and Antoine Sevegny (drums) drawing the sad aline-looking face on the abstract painting turns to front cover artworks in Rust Eden’s Bald Matador – which either, mocking the brutal event for sacrificing a beast under the terms of humanity stupid tradition or really – just a comparison not to judge over their mini recording release here with five songs.
Sing or dance while the music on and Abado or Empty Bottles coming on air to tuned-up the phase or your moods from laziness to spiritual and strength to seeing outside the window again; even though tomorrow we all know that the time just had to be stopped forever. 
Sing and dance ! 
Dance and sing !!!

Bald Matador: