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Sprinkler Win (Bandcamp 2013)

   Right from first to lasts – the Hardcore- Punk Rock and Skater-Rock blending really put your aggressive attitude fronting the lead of being everything angry and needs to releasing those energy into some kind of positive activity then, surely that the self-titled recording here by Party Animals off Oakland, LA must be one of those days when comedy moments and mosh-pit fisting fights aren’t the shameful or sinful to do but after that and after that’s that – one against another needs to showing some spontaneous good intentions not to prolong and hatred each other cause the negative energy already being totally – released here with Party Animals.
Shorter than your grandpa’s dick but honestly, superb fast and stronger carried those messages and lyrics which are against the commercialism, racism and fascism all in one hard kicking to their crotch within Beer Machine, I Love Society (Oil! Oil! Oil!) as fuck up as the nearly Thrasher to Grindcore Punk models of brutal sounds are there with Magic is Not Real, Tall Grass, Nacho Steppin Stone, Crucial Questions and The First of The Verse of The Tao Te Ching – really seems cannot be tamed entirely, cause the group will definitely bite back. You Can Fuck The System But The System’s Gonna Fuck You Too – would be a great example about the maturity and the wiser thoughts shared by them !

Party Animals: