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Springtime Shiva (Victory Records 1996)

Pop fusion and Krishna-Core within Indie Rock and Hardcore non-pretentions may erupts quickly via the elegantly wasted figures of the cutest female leading role on Sri Kesava for her rock group named Baby Gopal as it shows the interests and intellectual for a reality musical not artificial with friends: Alex Garcia-Rivera and Joel T. Jordan releasing their self-written materials getting closer to those with the same influences and scenery as Hindu-ism taking over the conversion minds to accepting the teachings here on the example tunes like Lost Generation, Confession, Govardhan, Port in any Storm to Sandcastle and Tofu; making the visibility of Sri Kesava not only beautiful and brighter but also smart or clever for making this consciousness a dream come true for once a lifetime.

Hare ... Hare ... Rama ...

Baby Gopal: