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Speed Of Light (Monstercat 2017)

   Alexander Odden and Michael Parsberg keeping on experimenting their ability on programming and maintained the obsolete high-tempos for EDM, Techno-Nerd to Dubstep Electro House and Dance-Pop of non-too commercial but very surprising and comprehensively satisfaction gains over their listeners ever time the group project releasing a good mixing record to the market.
As the examples about that point of views for the latest recording releases from Pegboard Nerds duo; please – do enter the realm in Nerds By Nature (ep) and feel the beating charts charge the bull-eye’s heart with the infamous tracks like Talk About It featuring  Desiree Dawson to Go Berserk by the split energy clashing beats from Pegboard Nerds and Quiet Disorder as well as BAMF or Melodymania.    Just like sitting underneath the last green tree of a continent smaller for browsing the internet and beyond for latest news around Vancouver – British Columbia by label … 

Survived with the dance-beats !

Nerds By Nature ep: