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Somalia Turkana (Bandcamp 2013)

   Poweraxe made the touch-down via their album fixing and being  freely thrown out to market  but just because the title said Africa doesn’t mean that the band is also came in from Africa. The Valencians rock-heads Brian Randall (vocals/bass) and Ryan Lichten (drums) written this materials on Los Angeles as the pyramids and reflections and the green river banks not surprisingly – not matching the Stoner Metal music experiments that being inducts by these metal-fellows as the Psychedelic mastering riffage to the blazing drums attack as Poweraxe welcoming you to Enter: Africa via Liberia, Rwanda, Ghana, Sudan or Cameroon as being darkly adventuring the dangerous routes to the mystery clues and signs which already buried for hundred thousand times ago as Exit: Africa may becoming a different reason as the band roasting, bashing and not forgetting to includes your interests and confusing onto one giant chance to exploring the great continent via this effort.