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Soda Reggae Refined (Bandcamp 2017)

   While the focused eyes won’t easily turning on the pages on the non-related historic events that might going to be historic one day and the collaborations of Zak Dylan Wass and OCNotes (Otis Calvin III) with their good talented friend for the native American tribe (visual artist/musician) Yeil Ya-Tseen (Nicholas Galanin) and creating the union manifest destiny via Indian Agent – your rare Electronic-Folk Rock experiments off Alaska State by shifting thus collision between funny Alternative Rock to Funk-Jazz with Rn’B to Hip-Hop and Folk-Country and personal Alternative aura cooked as the story goes further. Integrating their minds, bodies and souls onto the creations for this unit of record released through Meditations is The Key of Red might fits like a triangle of consortium gathering trio may had or the sixteen tracks available to making the band sounded interesting and also crowds would loved to do more than just promoting theirs and the rest of the tracks here: All Over Town (feat. Budo), Sending Love to The Ones who Know (feat. Qacung & Budo), White Lies (feat.Phen Ray), Secret Nights or Mother (feat. Tanya Tagaq) or Hurry Up Evolve.

Change we all should !

Meditations in The Key of Red: