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Soak The Sun Up (Independent 2015)

   Perhaps, it would be so freaking weird if you never gets the artistic sided for Sheryl Crow being one of our favorable, energetic and creative singer, artists and musician ever exists within our times to helping us getting through the minimalist to the maximized moments of ours and by that perhaps, this recording made off Seattle - WA as collectively local musicians gift as a good Tribute to Sheryl Crow via VA Summer of Sheryl probably, won’t really worthy to listen at first but maybe after several take-outs and repeats you may capturing most of the craziest versions but never losing their respects for Mr. Crow’s works via this record. From Gretchen Grimm, S (Jenn Ghetto) did Strong Enough by their version to Usury’s My Favorite Mistake that come haunts, Soak Up The Sun in Pop-Punk alternative version from Lisa Prank or Nicole Snyder (Slutever) and Diva McQueen or Jennie LaBonte smiling sings …