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So Ma Eighty (Southern Fried 2014)

John Andrew Meecham inventing this programmed reluctant knowledge onot musical ability and ideas of human to expandijg them higher through the technology of music making as The Emperor Machine is born to conquering your minds within its inventory calculating sounds that remarkably – powerfully grooved and awesomely, pure techniques as the UK producer marks his own beast-creature on noise maker scene completely deliberates from anything possible to be impossibly annoyed because when a soul died the music will continues. Like A Machine is the latest recording efforts  which blending tight the rigid beat of monotonous within thus Leftfield/Space-Rock/Tech-House and Electro-Pop finally fits for the gaming world or thus romantic destructions for animated realm inside your crazy head may gladly – choosing either RMI is All I Want, The Point, La Llorona, Theme for Magical Ring, Sonique or Pop The Lid; remains insane as the creeping drilled effects from deeper side of unconsciousness of mankind shaping the addictions over the imaginative world turning reality rather than the facts that already stands there in front of your busy funky eyes cause being wrapped in by music beats as a deflector.

If Michael Jackson being a game character it would sounded closely like this ...

Like A Machine: