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Snickers (Astro Nautico 2011)

New Yorker’s Obey City probably, sounded like a mock word for disguising the real meaning aimed by that similar to the danger of obesity but the music produced by this beat-project having too experiments but didn’t forgetting to attracts more listeners to dance with them as the mixing of simple rhythmic tempos off modern day to traditional and damn, a very good one soundtrack for a hang-out in cafes, dinner for two or more – the crowded the merrier. Obey City is claiming its own rootsy producing for Brooklyn in Melted Magic – the dance-tuned style, lushy synthesizers, chopped vocals and complex melodies in matrix over thus syncopated machine drums and subsequent frequency as illustrated by the songs e.p.

Dance your body following the arrival of Heaven or feel a little bit jeopardized by confusion of feelings while met someone new via Intrigue. Rhythmic force is being used now …

Melted Magic: