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Slum Creeper (Sub Rosa/Young God 2001)

   Even after when they’ve decided to existing in Brooklyn, New York you may still can smell the old Texas-oriented depression of inducing Indie Rock sensation towards Aurelio Valle (guitars, vocals), Wayne B. Magruder (percussions, samples), Peter Gannon (bass, guitar) and Sean Donovan (bass, keyboards) performance through their band – Calla; the album Scavengers sounded gloomy – yes, too gloomy for a non-depression audiences to listening on them quietly. The second slow-motion Folkish-Pop tunes via Hover Over Nowhere, Fear of Fireflies or Traffic Sound and Tijerina are really an eerie beautiful of a harmonic trash tones that might capturing your interest for low-key noises with melodic forge upon seminal reflectively sad or rural area atmosphere near the desert – dusty over rocks …