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Sleepy Hollow (Silent Productions/Ravenheart Music 2011)

Comprising of Lyudmila “Angel” on vocals, Ekatrina “Kate Noir” Alexandrova (violin, vocals), Vladimir “V’Olt” Ptashnik on bass, Sergey Bunakov (drums, keyboards) and guitarist Roman “Arsafes” Iskorostenskiy from Moscow – Russia  as well for their second full album release on Ash; having Maxim Busakov for drums and guitarist Mikhail Sobin to spreading the power of double pedals insanity and symphonic mayhem of the epic themes like the torturing tree of the innocence that stood as a silent horrific witness over the hundreds death slaughtering of the locals by the Persian due to campaign on widening their empire to the blue continent. Beautiful, scary and mysterious might be your descriptions over the eternal music making here on the songs of superb composed via Flaming Night, Frail Rime, Oblivion or Alive and Mist.
Altogether comes as an intros to the last exit but there’s no returning from certain death and delusions of Gothic Metal progressions presentations …