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Six Arms One Leg (Cocoon Recordings 2008)

   Perfect for the one to waiting for the end of the last minutes of their lives and days passing too fast in nano-seconds; where the icy snow falling down like breeze outside but it’s not Christmas yet. The ashes of those which used to be great civilizations or the green forest disappearing in front of your eyes; the beats of non-monotonous mixes well deserved your attentions to grab your intentions as these infamous Electro-pulses led by the Minilogue as an actual messaging service music machine formed by the Swedish duo – Marcus Henriksson and Sebastian Mullaert whether they’re use electric violin, the synthesizers, live music instruments to the mixing samples of weird noises as well as the blending sessions over thus minimal Ambient Techno-House and irregular formats of Dance beats trusted to bring the guarding Animals as an album for your ultimate guidance or companion inside the old cabin with loneliness prevails as nobody around your-side anymore at that final hours as Hercolubus might really getting closer to struck down planet earth. The extinctions we’ve caused to the natural supreme beings and landscapes believed to be the reasons of why most of the creatures praying for the end of the day sooner as the mankind are no more perhaps, the new beginning would be perfectly, grows back slowly and safety with no greed and ego of lust left to conquering but living in sensibility for all creations aftermath. This recording tells us about the darkest hours and the memories left unspoken beneath the shadows of doubt and suspicious where even inside the oddities you might find the kindness message or confusing images to curing thus distorted collisions caused by the greed of men. Meaningful or meaningless; one may loving the double discs album off Animals which collaborating its perpetual last matters towards these man-made tracks like Cow Crickets and Clay, Hitchhiker’s Choice, Giant Hairy Super Monster, Old Water, City Lights to Swamp Op and Europhonia before the Outro’s gone along with our precious planet and existence.