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Sever Tonight (Pavement Music 2015)

   Vocalist Crystal Ignite with bassist Mark Dalbeth mainly are the conspirator forming figures on the settling courage acts on Modern Metal or Alternative Rock band named Bellusira which originally came from Melbourne, Australia but moved out to Los Angeles – California with ex guitarist of Static-X included on board as well as more talented names like Vinny Mancuso as deadly as it means in Latin words as beautiful and anger; the brainchild project of metallic sounds leads them onto recording the released album via The Healing which is literally connecting the band to the worldwide web globally since then and truly, their essential music isn’t bad at all to grab or listening. Blended Heavy Rock and Hard Rock into a division of eleven rock tracks available here is a must in category to have cause they’re mostly standard but can forcing you to head-banging like the first time listening moment for Evanescence or Within Temptations or even Lacuna Coil and one might fell in love since then. Put the volume aloud for Sister, Dance With me, The Fight, How Far, Redemption Queen and The Fire Song – all system goes and spreads the affection of self-inflicted selfish as electrifying melodies or riff-age really countable !

The Healing: