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Seventeen Walk (Real Horrorshow 2009)

   Several years after the furor success story and hysteria over the radio-hits from these Melbourne, Australia’s Rock n’ Roll band – Jet for bringing their simple melodic Alternative Rock and Modern sounds onto the ears of many fans whom waiting for the kinds of ringing sirens for a new heroes to fulfilling their thirst on good ol’ rocking sound with famous effects just like Jet did with some of their great singles going superb making them a slightly superstar to the debut recording. Shaka Rock was the last recording several years before Cameron Muncey, Chris Cester, Mark Wilson and Nic Cester decided to broke-up before later on unexpectedly – reformed again. Shaka Rock might not having really hits track at all but if you needing to ensure that these quartet can be sounded as an “AC/DC meet Mick Jagger” rocking like nothing to do better but this – the album would be too artistic to left behind, matey.
We got the rock bombarding via Beat on Repeat, She’s A Genius, Black Hearts (On Fire), Goodbye Hollywood and La Di Da. 

Jet should be bigger than this and be sure that - She Holds A Grudge !

Shaka Rock: