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Serious Mail (Bandcamp 2009)

Loved to see your deep creatures flaying like swum through-out the air over thus forest surroundings as Whaleplane can easily depicted onto a code of presentations by this featured figures of musicians like Pat Chase on vocals, guitars, piano, trombone, synthesizers to Tim Swanson for guitars, vocals, piano accordion or Mike Daull (drums, percussion), John Saige (bass guitar) as well as Brute Manforce on alto saxophone/keyboards/piano and Sean “Lister” Castanien for tenor and baritone saxophone/bass clarinet; brought this entertaining piece of Alternative Psychedelic mixtures within Grunge, Country, Jazz and Punk via distorting nation ringer the alerts – Gelatinus Cube from Columbus, Ohio releasing their album like food available for one in need to eat as the ears can consuming thus tracks like CPE, Song Written For Things, Chills, Change Your Mind, Wyrd is Weird through ETA 930 to I IV V I – leaving as the clue for anyone who discovering them should making process to opening the door and releasing the nearly extinct creatures back to the wild and terra-forming the planet down.

Gelatinus Cube Presents Whaleplane: