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Scared Disappear (Bandcamp 2017)

Thanks for the Pop-neglected New Wave sounds as well as you can calling this Post-Punk pallets sound or Synth-Pop and Dance Rock on the same big deal time or independently flows within thus beats of the reflecting moments of partying happily ever after for our New York based Water From Your Eyes which potentially should go popular.
As all the vocals performed by Rachel Brown and all instruments of musical performed by Nate Amos and drums by Joe Drzemiecki aren’t like the gray-painted background off the front cover but more to focused dancing duet of purple glow couple to be described for the band’s efforts here over Long Days, No Dreams. Effectively, taking your will for dancing like silly but never gets too bore to listening by you and others due to those waiting listed on a dentist or social service purchasing money-card’s day perhaps. 
Amazingly vintage with the beats to carried along with the sounds of the group project as keyboards or synthesizers lead the ruling main event to a precious rendevouz over old and new through Cold Stare, I Want To Feel Everything, The Late Night Show, Fly South or Stay Here may giving a romance touch back to your soul.

Long Days, No Dreams: