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Satans Lover (Not On Label 2015)

   May the Psychedelic jazzy Rock and Stoner Metal reign for a very long time because the savior of Rock Music scene would definitely comes as the style of therapy sounds calling for the most mystical and occults things happened for the cause of welcoming more dear listeners to liking them and Sleeping Widow of Zittau, Germany might be your newer ticket to entering the Stoner Rock kingdom in most epic and powerful delivering with a cause and of course, deeper melodies and solos to tuning in, my friend.
Consisting of Sophie Arnold (vocals), Friedrich Mobius (vocals, guitars), Tom Witschel (lead guitars), Maximilian Meyer (bass) and Friedemann Ranft (drums) formed as these Retro Metal of female-fronted group manage to release their sophomore first recording on The Beginning of The End and you shall definitely blown away for having the cranking tracks of fortunes and magic via In The Woods, Mountain Side, On The Run to Kryptonite and more – no wonder if this already run short because of sold out and many liking them already and continues for enlightenment in success as riffs bashing and rock music reigning back the cosmos one more time by the woman-leading Stoner Rock project.

The Beginning of The End: